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About Us

           We are an India based organization constituting of engineers and technicians from various verticals, that came together to work on assignments, specifically related to e-governance projects.

              Today, our conglomeration of continued performances over the years has matured and we now are being recognized as a professional company exclusively dedicated to work in the domain of e-governance and industrial plants automation projects.

              At Calibre Technology, we take immense pride to declare that ours is a group of consultants coming from a pool of rich background experience; where in implementing successful projects has always been their forte. Our Consultants, in the past have provided solutions that demanded execution of good quality work, reliability of performance and optimized use of proven technologies to execute e-governance projects, specifically in area of Management Information Systems (MIS) & Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Automation.

              Our Consultants and Resource Pool of Engineers, Managers & Operational Experts have successfully provided solutions that display speed of execution, correctness and timely deliverables in the earlier past.

              We therefore at Calibre Technology, are committed to provide excellent projects executions of international standard at optimized cost to our customers.