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Robotic Enhancement


The vision is the agro robot , which transforms it into a tool carrier for high-tech plant nursing for e.g. organic grown vegetables. High-tech tools for weeding that at a later stage can be implemented are tools like laser, micro spraying and mechanical devices. The pictures show the commercial Spider and the delivery from this project – A robust and simple tool carrier for the outdoor gardener.

Development and demonstration of a robot that will establish,care for, the crops - Development of systems for central planning and follow-up on crop related tasks, as well as systems, that can be used for coordination and optimisation of the cooperation between manned and unmanned vehicles. So far requirement analysis and definition of scenarios for theuse of robots in agriculture have taken place. which are: systems for transport administration and control,and optimization of supply chains. The former concerns planning of routes, surveillance, to the customers, technical data regarding vehicle economy etc., while the latter concerns optimization of vehicle routing and material flow

Various models available with us are as follows: